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Thinking Mathematically - Ages 17-18

Thinking Mathematically - Ages 17-18

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A package of resources aimed at ages 17-18. Hundreds of hours of activities, puzzles and other curriculum enhancement materials available to print and use at the click of a button. Combine with other packages and save.

Tarquin has been publishing for over 50 years. Resources we have produced have been used 10s of millions of times in the UK and Worldwide.

Here's a way to access them that's convenient and cost-effective. Options are available for schools and individual teachers, and schools wishing to take more than one package can do so at a substantial discount. 

What you Get

The Thinking Mathematically Collection comprises:

  • classic and new books
  • The A-Level Series from Tom Bennison and Edward Hall, including Understanding Proof
  • a mix of resources - including 100+ lesson starters and "thinking mathematically" puzzles
  • at least 2 new books a year
  • a topic index
  • online access for a year, with prices restricted to inflation-only increases thereafter 
  • free App to install the service offline, which is optional
  • discounts from all other Tarquin products of 20% for schools and 10% for individual purchasers
  • Combine with other packages and save.

Combine with 11-16 packages here to SAVE

Thinking Mathematically includes 1000s of pages of materails appropriate to the age group. To buy them would cost over £300..!

You can get a list of titles in this package and the others you might be interested in emailed to you from this page. 

Individuals can also pay for this service monthly - compare prices here

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