Packages for Home Educators

Tarquin's extensive and imaginative list of books is perfect to enhance what you already do, in multiple ways. With them, you can add to the imaginative and creative ways your child or children learn.

Tens of millions of users have tried and tested them. 


Now you can access a MASSIVE range of our materials - for a TINY price

Our new Collections are curated sets of mathematics resources that are delivered online (or offline using our free App). 

All titles in the Collections are available all year to you and all materials can used on paper or PDF. 

Each collection is indexed by title, topic and purpose. They are collectons based loosely on age, but are deliberately broad to include activities that can be used with gifted mathematicians, and activities that children will enjoy using to catch up if for whatever reason they fall behind. Some examples:

  • Full lesson worksheets, using unusual approaches to revision and reinforcement. Like Mini Mathematical Murder Mysteries, Mathstraks or Mindful Maths
  • Puzzles and problems - a deep pool of targeted activities - to help keep a mathematics lesson fun 
  • Activites to help nurture mathematical thinking - from Make Shapes to Without Words - ideal for home use as they require no or minimal equipment


Incredible value anyway, the Collections also unlock a massive 10% discount on ANYTHING else Tarquin sells. 

With thousands of mathematical products in stock, including books, posters, protractors and dice, a Collection will quickly pay for itself. 

Which Package is for Me? 

We've designed multiple collections of our materials to suit your needs - and your budget. The products are broadly chronological:

    How Does it Work?

    Prices start as low as £7.99 per year. For Home Education, we know that students can leap ahead in a subject - so we ask for a commitment to be a user for a year, but you can switch up to a different package after 3 months.    

    We set you up using a simple username and password before it reaches you - all you need to do is change the password and you can start using it.

    That calendar year will start the day you have access and in that same period you are entitled to 10% discount on other things, using a unique code.    

    We include within the package a monthly newsletter for each Collection to highlight new contents and features.